Main Characters Edit

This band of hapless adventurers includes a bird fighter, a demon chick, a sticky-fingered druid, a gerblin, and a lizard wizard. No wonder they have some trouble making friends.

  • Traze Tidehammer - This Aarakocra warrior comes from a community of the trees. Though he respects his people, he left in search for a more exciting life, to get his blood pumping. On his journey, he became the legendary "Bird Fighter" through gladiatorial battle. Later on, he soon met a certain Captain Strack; A dwarf captain that lives in Dragoon Lagoon. Traze soon met and befriended the rest of the group through battle. (Player: Joey Millin, actor)
  • Anael - With reddish skin, leathery wings, horns, hooves and a tail, it's easy to assume that Anael has some sort of demon heritage. It's also easy to assume she wasn't very much liked by her home town. She woke up one day to find her home burnt to the ground, and her mother dead. Her one mission is to find her way into the demon realm, and confront her father - the demon that made her - about her mother's death. (Player: Elly Glavich, actress)
  • Anise Halixe - A small gnomish girl who grew up to be a druid, and a bit of a kleptomaniac. She had the bravery to leave the safety of her tree and go to search for her missing father, with only the clothes on her back, and her father's journal to guide her way. (Player: Alyssa de Vivo, the only non-actor)
  • Windsgar - A dirty, lovable goblin with an undying hatred for squirrels. He was just a normal wanderer of the lands, until he was struck by a bolt lightning. He developed magical powers, and with that, a new voice in his head. The voice wants power over others, and fortunately for the voice, Windsgar likes to make friends. (Player: Gina de Vivo, actual actress)
  • Hardback the Speaker - Often called a "Lizard Wizard Cassanova," Hardback is a sarcastic, Dragonborn bard. He wields magic through his words, and values every story he comes across. He was taught and challenged in a battle of wits and words by a gnome. He lost this battle, and was exiled from his home. He aims to find the gnome that got him exiled, and get his revenge. (Player: Paul Stanko, actor)
  • The Dungeon Master (DM) - The DM is the person who sets up the entirety of the story, NPCs, battles, and takes into account the weird and sometimes stupid choices the players make. The DM in this campaign is played by Trevor Adams, actor and professional basic man.

Side Quest Characters Edit

Currently, there is only one side quest

  • Gakhal Thundergut - A ranger dwarf, son to award-winning pastry bakers. Some time during his life, his parents were gruesomely murdered in their shop. Now, he seeks revenge along side his pony, Popcorn. (Player: Maria Timonina, actress and producer)
  • Tcheck Jivave - A street urchin from a young age, Tcheck is a kenku, now an assassin. He made friends with Therris as he was living on the street, becoming brother and sister by heart. Kenku cannot make sounds of their own accord, but can recreate sounds that they've heard before. (Player: Adam Stern-Rand)
  • Therris Vagheera - Not the brightest, but definitely the biggest. Therris is an Earth Genasi, essentially meaning an Earth Giant. She grew up as a street urchin, and met Tcheck, a kenku. They soon became friends, even soon having a bond equivalent of brother and sister. (Player: Alexa Yeames, real actress)

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