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A podcast where a group of friends sit around a table, drink, laugh, curse, and play D&D. There are plenty of D&D podcasts, but none quite like this one. Plunders & Blunders is a podcast about going on (mis)adventures with friends, all the while laughing, making mistakes, and of course, singing.

Plunders & Blunders in a Nutshell Edit

Plunders & Blunders is a podcast about a group of six friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Five players, and the one DM (Dungeon Master.) With mishaps galore, there isn't one session without a mistake. Still, the group of friends manage to make the podcast funny and entertaining. With an excellent story by the DM, the players create characters to match.

What Happened Recently? Edit

06 August, 2017 - The last episode of One Night In Luckstone

01 August, 2017 - The first episode of Plunders & Blunders' first side quest: One Night In Luckstone.

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